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Shay Serrurier Montréal a' Ville Saint-Laurent - Shay Montréal Locksmith in Ville Saint-Laurent

CLES D'AUTO PERDUE/LOST CAR KEYS 1-800-856-0211 24/7

We have #1 car technician, We make keys on the spot. We come to you.

Nous avons le Technicien de voiture #1 , Nous faisons également cles d'auto sur place. On Deplace chez vous.

Welcome to our newest page key machine cut by code the most advance key machine on the market now available at shay Montréal locksmith



Price to cut key by code 90% Car Models standard cut $35.00+  

Price to cut key by code 90% Car Models Laser cut $45.00+ *Some Exception apply!

We carry the most innovative, groundbreaking, and advanced electronic key cutting machine available today. Ultramodern in design and engineered to the highest quality standards; assuring you of accurate, precise cutting of a variety of key styles on one amazing machine.

  • One machine can provide you with capabilities for edge cut, laser, dimple, cruciform, tubular, and Tibbe style keys.
  • Standard cutters and jaws cover over 90% of edge cut and laser style keys on the market today.


Edge Cut Keys

  • Copy by original with optical reader to ensure an exact duplication of the original
  • Decode and copy by optical reader to OEM specifications
  • Automatic calibration
  • Durable, long lasting TiN-coated HSS (High Speed Steel) milling cutter
  • Four position jaw (clamp) accommodates a wide variety of keys without additional accessories or adapters

Laser and Dimple Cut Keys

  • Decode and copy by electrical contact to OEM specifications
  • One clamp, three quick change interchangeable jaws included
  • Automatic calibration
  • Durable, long lasting HSS (High Speed Steel) cutter and tracer point

514-836-9097  24/7



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Shay Montreal Locksmith #1 24/7 514-836-9097, CENTRAL OFFICE: 2405 Rue Valade, Ville Saint-Laurent, Québec H4M 1N2


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